• Golf simulator is accessible during working hours and always after the registration to the staff personnel.
  • The simulator is switched on by the staff personnel after verification of the reservation or in case the time slot has not been reserved by another costumer.
  • Entrance into the simulator room is only allowed wearing dry and clean sport shoes, using golf boots with spikes is not permitted.
  • The golf balls for practice and the game are provided by the staff personnel. You can use your own balls in case the ball has not been damaged, it is clean and without commercial print. Using a driving ball is not permitted.
  • Access to the playground of the golf simulator is only possible for those currently playing. It is for safety reasons that only one person at a time is allowed on the playground.
  • Children that are younger than 15 years are allowed only with supervision of a person with age higher than 18 years, or occasionally with permission of the staff personnel.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the area of the golf simulator – smoking area is located in the air conditioned front room of the golf simulator.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed on the playground of the golf simulator.
  • It is not permitted to play with other tools than clean official golf clubs.
  • The player has right to play during her/his reserved time slot. In case of delayed arrival without prior notice to organizer, a 10 minutes delay will be tolerated, afterwards the reservation will be lost.
  • The player must end the game latest at the full hour of the reservation. Finishing the game after the reserved time period is only possible after the agreement with the player that has reservation for the following time slot or with the staff personnel in case that the following time slot has not been reserved. The smallest charged time unit is in this case a quarter an hour.
  • Game without prior reservation is of course possible, but only in case it has not been reserved by other costumer and until the next reserved time period.
  • The player should inform the staff personnel in case of injury or health problems.
  • It is expected that players will follow a good behaviour and will respect the golf ethics during their game and while present on the premises of the golf simulator.
  • In case the player violates the rules of conduct, damages the property or her/his behaviour is not in line with the golf ethics, the player or even the whole group of players may be disqualified from the game. No reimbursement can be claimed in that case.

On behalf of organizers: Ing. Jan Kaláb